Chris Palomares

West Sacramento, CA, United States

Jun 09 at 08:52 AM


Chris William Palomares a direct descendant of Jose Cristobal Palomares a native of Spain,would migrate to Monterey, Mexico, in the early part of the 17th Century who eventually migrated to Santa Barbara & Los Angeles, California to serve as a soldier for the missions of Santa Barbara and San Gabriel California. His son Ygnacio Palomares built the Palomares Adobe in Pomona California in the early 1800’s. Chris Palomares, born some 100 years later in Oxnard, California, was also a soldier who served in Europe in the 1980s and eventually would obtain a technology degree and serve in civil service for the County of Ventura as well as the State of California in information technology. As a child, Chris would marvel at the rich history of the Palomares Family Adobe. As a teen Chris would make a promise to himself that he would someday continue the book written in the 1920s by Bess Adams Garners' Windows In An Old Adobe, By writing "Windows Beyond An Old Adobe"


Jun 09 at 08:44 AM

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